The ultimate experience in guitar based music
Rock music is the most various music style of the world and since ever famous and timeless.
Guitar based music is not to be replaced on the world market and provides within it´s spectre an incredible amount of synnergies, we count on that!

Wide spreading contacts
Our challenge is to build up artists. We´re setting up your band
as support line up of a headliner or festival. This way your  
degree of reputation is founded stone on stone.

From the arstist agency up to  the record deal
We introduce you as artist to famous bands and producers which opens
the option to you, to get potentially engaged on a produktion or project.

From the high end musikproduktion up to the video clip
We provide highly qualified engineers in our studios. We can offer
any standard of formats like as CD, LP, DVD a.o., up to the movie
standard video clip.

Marketing strategies & law consulting
Besides our functions as agency we can guarantee you a specified and
professional law consulting refering to contracts on which your´re facing
during your progress in this business. We plan a special suited and detailed
marketing concept for your perfect appearance. This way we can send
you succesfully on your way to your personal carrer.